jip jobs - list jobs


jip-jobs [-s <state>...] [-o <output>...] [-e]
[–show-archived] [-j <id>...] [-J <cid>...] [-N] [-q <queue>] [-h]


List jip jobs


 Show archived jobs
-e, --expand Do not collapse pipeline jobs
-o <output>, --output <output>
 Show only specified columns. See below for a list of supported columns
-s <state>, --state <state>
 List jobs with specified state
-q <queue>, --queue <queue>
 List jobs with a specified queue
-j <id>, --job <id>
 List jobs with specified id
-J <cid>, --cluster-job <cid>
 List jobs with specified cluster id
-N, --no-pager Does not pipe the result to the pager
-h, --help Show this help message

Columns supported for output:

ID The internal job id C-ID The job id assigned by the cluster Name The jobs name Pipeline The name of the pipeline State The jobs current state Queue The jobs queue Priority The jobs priority Threads Number of threads assigned to the job Hosts Host(s) where the job is executed Account The account used for the job Memory The jobs max memory setting Timelimit The jobs time limit Runtime The runtime of the job Created Create date of the job Started Execution start date of the job Finished Execution finish date of the job Directory The jobs working directory
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