jip pipe - pipe command wrapper


jip pipe [-P <profile>] [-t <time>] [-q <queue>] [-p <prio>]
[-A <account>] [-C <cpus>] [-m <mem>] [-n <name>] [–hold] [-E <err>] [–dry] [–show] [-i <input>] [-I <inputs>...] [-s] [–keep] [–force] [-c <cmd>...]

jip pipe [–help]


This command can be used to quickly construct pipelines from the command line.

For example:

jip pipe -i myfile.txt -c 'bash("cat ${input}", input=input) | bash("wc -l")'


-P <profile>, --profile <profile>
 Select a job profile for resubmission
-t <time>, --time <time>
 Max wallclock time for the job
-q <queue>, --queue <queue>
 Job queue
-p <priority>, --priority <priority>
 Job priority
-A <account>, --account <account>
 The account to use for submission
-C <threads>, --threads <cpus>
 Number of CPU’s assigned to the job
-m <mem>, --mem <mem>
 Max memory assigned to the job
-n <name>, --name <name>
 Job name
-R <reload>, --reload
 Reload and rerender the job command
-E <err>, --log <err>
 Jobs stderr log file
-O <out>, --out <out>
 Jobs stdout log file
-s, --submit Submit as job to the cluster
--hold Put job on hold after submission
--keep Keep output also in case of failure
--dry Show a dry run
--show Show the command that will be executed
--force Force execution/submission
-i <input>, --input <input>
 Single file input [default: stdin]

-I <inputs>, –inputs <inputs>... List of files as input -s, –submit Submit as job to the cluster -h, –help Show this help message

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