jip tools - list available tools


jip tools [–help|-h]


List all JIP tools/scripts that are available in the search paths.

Tools scripts

All script found in the current search paths are listed. Please note that there might be more. Here, we search only for files with the .jip extension!

The following locations are searched:

  • Current directory
  • Jip configuration (jip_path)
  • JIP_PATH environment variable

Tools implemented in Python modules

The modules must be available in PYTHONPATH and must be specified in the jip configuration or in the JIP_MODULES environment variable. Please note that pipeline scripts that contain python blocks are allowed to load modules that contain tool implementation. These tools might not be found by this scan!

The following locations are searched:

  • Jip configuration (jip_moduled)
  • JIP_MODULES environment variable


-h, –help Show this help message

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